About Woodnote

Our Story

Woodnote is a woman-owned small business based in Portland, Maine.

We create small-batch goods that bring moments of joy to everyday life by being both artfully designed and functional. Our patterns and designs are inspired by nature, and our products are created with a sustainable mindset. Our tea towels and cloth napkins are made of natural, organic cotton and hand-printed in Maine with water-based inks. 

Meet the Maker...

My name is Emma and I am the owner and maker behind Woodnote. Nature has always been an important part of my life. I spent my childhood building forts, looking for seaglass, and exploring the forests, mountains, and rocky beaches of Maine. Wherever I go, nature helps me stay in the moment, filling me with a sense of calm and inspiring me to create. Printmaking has became a way for me to explore and express my love of the earth. 

When I'm not running my business, you’ll find me cooking, exploring in nature, reading, and playing board games with friends. 

What Does Woodnote Mean?

woodnote is a natural tune or note, like that of a birdsong. The sound of birds singing in the trees or calling out over the ocean is often the soundtrack to my outdoor adventures, and brings to mind many of the places that inspire me and my work. The name Woodnote makes me think of blue skies, sun shining through the trees, birds singing, and that peaceful feeling I get when surrounded by nature. 

The foundation of...

Woodnote began when I started experimenting with fabric printing in 2020. I found a new purpose in turning my designs into functional goods that could be used and loved by others. In my own life, I strive to surround myself with objects that are well made, meaningful, and useful. So I set out to create products that are both beautiful and serve a purpose.

What we do...

At Woodnote, we create earth inspired textiles and original artwork that make meaningful gifts for yourself and others. Our designs begin as hand-carved blocks, which are transformed into patterns for tea towels, napkins, note cards, and more. Our prints are created using a variety of printmaking techniques with an emphasis on monoprinting.

Made in Maine

all of our designs are created in my home studio in Portland, ME


our key product lines are always hand-printed by me or our production partners

Sustainably Minded

replacing single-use items with reusable and long-lasting alternatives

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