About My Art

When I make art, my goal is to work intuitively, following my natural instincts in order to create work that is comprised of many small moments of discovery. I often start with a very basic idea or guideline: a color palette, a technique I want to explore, a certain way of making marks. This gives me a starting place, a way to get into the work and out of my mind. That's when the real magic starts to happen.

My work reflects my own emotions, thoughts, and energy. Often the color palette and overall mood of my work changes with the seasons and the phases of my life. Through these changes, I have often noticed a common theme that persists: my desire to appreciate the simple things and find beauty in the ordinary. I find that when I slow down and truly absorb my surroundings, there is so much to see and so much that is often overlooked.

I like to think of my paintings as imagined landscapes. They can be viewed from afar, but so much more will be discovered when the viewer pauses to take a closer look. By trusting my instants and working freely, I hope to convey the excitement and fascination I experience when I take the time to explore life at a slower pace.

I often think about my work in individual words, or lists of words, rather than full sentences. These words serve as entry points, without giving away too much. It's important to me that people have their own unique reactions to my art, that are separate from my intentions. Here’s a little list of some words that currently resonate with me:



Wheaton College, B.A., Studio Art, 2018

Royal Thimphu College, Bhutan, Semester Abroad, 2017

Burren College of Art, Ireland, Summer Intensive Course, 2015

Events & Shows

2023 - Jewett Farms Maker's Market, Boston, MA

2023 - Press Hotel Pop Up, Portland, ME

2022 - Confetti Bazaar, Biddeford, ME

2022 - Fete Market, Yarmouth, ME

2021 - Caravan Artist Market at Frontier, Brunswick, ME

2020-2022 (select dates) - East End Vend, Portland, ME

2019-2023 (select dates) - Maker's Market at Thompson's Point, Portland, ME

2019 - 19th Annual Photo A Go-Go, The Bakery Photo Collective

2018 - It’s Elemental: Fire, Wheaton College, MA 

2018 - 18th Annual Photo A Go-Go, The Bakery Photo Colective

2018 - In Perspective, Wheaton Colege, MA 

2017- Deliberately Framed, Junction Bookstore, Bhutan 

2015 - Erratics, Burren College of Art, Ireland


Maine Craft Association - 2021-present

Maine Made - 2021-present